Total Guitar magazine commission to shoot Peter Hayes and Robert Levon Been of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club


I was commissioned by Total Guitar to do a feature on The brothers Justin and Dan Hawkins of the band The Darkness. As always with these shoots I shoot them after sound check and have about 30 mins to capture some exciting images. Justin and Dan made the job easy with Justin having some of the best legs in Rock n Roll.


Classic Rock commissioned shoot with Black Moth that was used as a double page spread in the magazine. I shot this at Gordons Wine Bar in London. 

We were commissioned by Total Guitar to shoot a feature with James Bay  James shot this at the Gibson Rooms in Soho, London. The piece was to coincide with the release of this own signature edition ESP guitar


We were commissioned by the BBC to take publicity stills for the BBC One show Sunday Morning Live and its new presenters Sean Fletcher and Emma Barnett.


James was commissioned by Classic Rock magazine to shoot Benjamin Booker for a double page feature with the photograph appearing over a double page in the mag. The first image is the one Classic Rock chose. I've included 3 others from the shoot to check out. 


James was commissioned to shoot Jim Jones and the Righteous Mind for Classic Rock magazine. This first image was used in full on a double page in the magazine.


James was commissioned by Metal Hammer in association with Monster energy drink to shoot a AAA access feature from a single show in Birmingham. Here's a small selection of the images. 

James was commissioned by Kerrang! magazine to do a portraits session with the band Oathbreaker in Brighton during a cold, rainy dark night at the end of January in Brighton.




James was commissioned by Classic Rock magazine to shoot Deaf Havana. The location for the shoot this time was the iconic motorcycle cafe The Ace Cafe


James was recently commissioned by the BBC to take  publicity stills for the BBC2 factual documentary "Life and Death the Pentecostal Way". The doc was aired on the 20th of November as part of #BlackandBritish month. Here's a little info on the documentary directed by Tanya Stephen "With unprecedented access to the workings of a Pentecostal church in London, this one-off documentary in the Black & British season lifts a lid on a faith that is growing fast"  Click here: Life and Death the Pentecostal Way to watch the documentary. 

Deap Vally shot recently for a double page spread in the December issue of Classic Rock magazine.

Here's a clip I was working as cameraman on for BBC Breakfast with Benedict Cumberbatch. Shot on the 24th of October and shown on the 25th of October.

I have a double page spread of one of my portraits with the fantastic artist MadC in the current issue of German National Geographic's Gallerien & Museen. See Mad C's Instagram post below


A recent commission for a photo shoot with the great band The Virginmarys.  The image was shot in Macclesfield with smoke grenades and was featured in Classic Rock Magazine as a double page spread. 


Here’s the latest music video we produced for Snapper Music and  My Dying Bride for the song “Feel The Misery” Directed by James Sharrock (Creative Head of Invade Tv Productions)

Here’s a little interview James did for the release of it that was posted on  Blabbermouth


James explains: “The concept for ‘Feel The Misery’ has been in my head for a while. It is loosely based on the famous painting Raft Of Medusa byTheodore Gericault painted in 1819, and when I heard the song it invoked the creative idea I had been thinking about.”

Bringing the video concept into context, James continues: “In May this year I read in the news reports of a 'ghost ship’ carrying 350 starving Rohingya Muslims vanishing off Thailand. Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand refused to engage in search-and-rescue operations, instead pushing the boats back to sea, letting the people starve and refusing to accept the asylum seekers — similar to the story behind 'Raft Of Medusa’. It was only later in the year as we were filming the music video down around the Pembrokeshire coast that the media took a greater interest in the deaths of asylum seekers in the Med. The song has allowed me to bring to life not only issues that are currently facing us all, but a masterpiece that reflects a similar tragedy from centuries ago.”

Read more at http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/video-premiere-my-dying-brides-feel-my-misery/#aXq5sEPb8cEyxCBE.99

BBC Breakfast

James is also a regular part of the crew that films feature interviews that are broadcast across the Nation on  BBC Breakfast. Here's a couple of examples:  

Liam Neeson

Sir Ian McKellen




Here's a recent commission which involved many aspects which we excel at  (music video creation, social media management, photography). James was recently on tour with Bullet For My Valentine across South America. He was commissioned to direct, shoot, edit and produce the bands latest music video for the song Army of Noise. He was a one man production house filming multiple shows and cutting togeather footage from different shows across different countries in South America to produce one dynamic live performance based music video. While out on tour James was also producing short edits and photographing stills which were used across the bands social media accounts. His 15 years experience as a music photographer enabled him to execute such an intense brief. 

Below is the offical video for Army of Noise delivered to Bullet For My Valentine's Vevo account



Earlier in the Year we were commissioned by We Are Social  and worked with head creative Nick Hearne through VNA magazine to work on 2 of Google's "Street Art with Google" features. James travelled to Germany and France to be the photographer as part of the team that produced features on the artists Mad C and Kashink. Great content was produced, new friends made and a great time had. We like to make sure work is always a lot of fun!


Swipe through some of the images in the gallery above

Below is the video that was produced alongside our photography, directed by Tom Barbor-Might for the project. 



Below is the video that was produced alongside our photography, directed by Tom Barbor-Might for the project.



We spent a week in the studio with the mighty British Metal band 'Bullet For My Valentine'.  We were briefed to create a 3 Part Web Series to document 'The Making of Venom' - the bands latest album.  The videos are being distributed on the bands VEVO channel on YouTube, and across social platforms Facebook and Twitter to promote the upcoming album.  Check out the first instalment here:

Our video brief was to create  short, sharp teaser to build hype and excitement around the release of  Bullet for my Valentine's latest album Venom.  This Teaser kicked off a four part web series we created for the biggest British Metal band in 20 years.  With distribution amongst Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram our aim was to grab the audience immediately and add a little shock factor. 

Within the first 10 minutes of upload we bagged 12,000 views, 1,500 Likes, 300 Shares.



Our original video feature on Adam 'Nergal' Darski of Polish Metal Band 'Behemoth' takes a deeper look at the transition of Nergal's persona from normality in the dressing room to full character on stage.  Atmosphere was our goal, creating mystery, tension, and a real emotional connection with the audience in this intimate feature. 


Run the jewels

We teamed up with MyAccomplice, VNA, and Phantoms of Space to produce a behind the scenes feature on Run The Jewels latest music video 'Lie, Cheat, Steal'.  



From concept to final delivery, we worked with the Welsh Metal quartet to create their music video 'Raising Hell' which has amassed over 3 million views!



The Street Art Magazine brought us on board to create a video feature on Eelus to accompany their print version.



We travelled with The British Red Cross to Bestival, documenting their Bestival Tent to help show people that you don't need a cape to be a Superhero! 



Creative Director James Sharrock is a regular Cameraman at the Metropolis studios.  Check out some of his work at the George Clinton Funkadelic Weekender. He Also photographed a series of stills with George Clinton and Funkadelic, some of which you can see below: 



We produced and  co-directed VNA's video feature with Robert '3D' Del Naja. James Sharrock Invade Tv Production's creative director photographed the cover feature for VNA magazine and pulled in director and cameraman Ben Strunin to help produce the video feature to run alongside the magazine. 


The Dillinger Escape Plan

We joined the Dillinger Escape Plan on the road in 2013 to document and shoot a live music video of one of their shows. This is an ongoing collaboration between James Sharrock and The Dillinger Escape Plan.