Brixton Arches 

This is a collection of portraits of people who run businesses out of the Brixton Arches. The names are diverse - Gappy Crucial, Budget Carpets, LS Mash and Sons, Donna Deer just to name a few - but they all share on thing in common: they’re all being evicted. I started this project as I wanted to put a face on the Brixton Arches. Like so many parts of this wonderful city, these are more than mere swathes of property ripe for gentrification. They’re sites of people, of culture, and of community. London is a city under transformation, and not for the better. As hipster coffee shops slowly replace the small, thriving businesses that add colour and diversity to our communities it’s hard not to feel anger toward Network Rail and Lambeth Council who just voted to evict these people. I took some time to speak to some of them, like Lorne the fishmonger for instance - he and his family have been here for generations since grandfather started his busines years ago. Surely his and his family’s hard work deserves some better reward, doesn’t it? Sadiq Khan needs to step in and do what’s right to protect our valuable, unique, vibrant, colourful and hard working small business owners in London. It’s people like them who make this city great.